Track and manage your glucose reading in real time.

Say goodbye to the sensor scan

Get glucose readings every 5 minutes on your phone or watch. You can now view our readings effortlessly with our Mobile app* and BluCon *LinkBluCon app for iOS and Android is available for download

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Smart phones and Apple Watch

Waterproof NightRider BluCon

8 Reviews

$230.00 with free shipping

Delivered between 3-7 days




Fits on top of FSL glucose testing patch. Tape/armband required to hold the sensor


Is Waterproof ( IP 67)


Replaceable battery


Sends continuous blood sugar reading to mobile app every 5 minutes

Direct-to Apple Watch

Now NightRider and LinkBluCon app works with Apple watch to display glucose readings rom the FreeStyle Libre, Libre 2 nd Libre Pro sensors on Apple watch without the iPhone.

How to use:

  1. Download and Install LinkBluCon app on your iPhone
  2. Go to LinkBluCon app settings screen
  3. Change mode to "Apple Watch"

Be a caregiver, Monitor glucose levels of your loved ones, anytime or anywhere

  1. Download and Install FollowBluCon app on your iPhone
  2. Accept invitations from your loved ones
  3. Now you can track your loved ones glucose readings on your phone

Continuous glucose monitoring

LinkBluCon is Ambrosia’s mobile App which works along with NightRider BluCon and FreeStyle Libre patch for blood sugar monitoring on your mobile phone.

Accessories for NightRider BlueCon

To keep you going without worry

FreeStyle Libre Glucose Sensor Patch


Arm band


3D Holder for Nightrider Blucon


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Customer Reviews

Girish Jain

August 22, 2021

This review is after using Blucon over a year and more. Till now no issue from hardware…. works like day one. App is getting better by times . Food Insight feature in the app is path breaking one…. Understood food and insulin requirements. Because of alarms hardly any hypo episodes. Because of Blucon “in range time “ increased and latest HB1c is 6.5. No need to carry reader… Blucon can activate the sensor ( best thing ). Replaceable 2032 battery is convenient one… available at any watch need to carry charging cord and fear of loosing it.

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