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At PocketPills, we provide a range of contraceptive products including IUDs, patches, ring, injections, and birth control pills.

People love Pocketpills

Very happy that all that waiting at my old pharmacy is over! I asked them to help me process the transfer and they did everything for me, just gave them my pharmacy’s contact & that’s it. I’m just waiting for my meds to come knocking at my door today

- Jen Quizon

I called Pocket Pills to help me understand the charges for some of my husband's meds. I spoke with Yanna. She called ODB and my private insurance company to confirm some of the numbers. Then she called me back within 30 minutes, carefully explained the charges and made certain I understood. Yanna is highly professional, knowledgeable about her work, was patient with my questions and she is all-around excellent. Thank you Yanna! Great customer service


- Joy Sunseri

I just got my first packs. excellent service and so much smaller than all those blister packs.The pharmacists went above and beyond when Canada Post lost a parcel of my meds. They worked to get me an emergency supply and new packs out to replace them

- Cheryl Kinkaid

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a prescription?


Yes, you need a valid prescription from a Canadian prescriber. If you need a new prescription, let us know via phone or live chat and we can help connect you with a doctor who can help you.

Can I get the ring or the patch?


Yes, we offer both the ring and the patch. We can deliver any contraceptive method prescribed by your physician.

How long will it take to get my birth control?


Your medications will take between 2-5 business days to arrive after you’ve completed your refill or prescription request. To speed up the process of filling a new prescription, please have your doctor’s office fax your prescription to PocketPills at 1-855-950-7226

Can you refill my existing birth control?


Yes! If you are a member of PocketPills yet, simply provide your current pharmacy information when signing up and we’ll transfer your refills to our pharmacy. If you are already a member and need a new refill, please give us a call or use the live chat on our website. We may ask you some follow up questions before renewing your prescription with your doctor.

How do I know you’re a real pharmacy?


We are fully accredited and licensed by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. You can verify our registration by searching for PocketPills here:

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Required in all British Columbia Pharmacies. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported to the College of Pharmacists of BC

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