Does creatine cause baldness or hair loss? 

In short, no. Taking creatine supplements does not lead to hair loss or cause baldness. This is a common myth, especially when people mistake creatine as being related to anabolic steroids. Although creatine and anabolic steroids are both used to build muscle and improve athletic performance, they are completely different substances. Anabolic steroids can cause hair loss, but creatine does not. 

Creatine and hair loss

Does creatine cause baldness?

Creatine does not cause baldness. This is a common misconception because it’s easy to mistake creatine with anabolic steroids. Both creatine and anabolic steroids are used to improve muscle performance and muscle mass. However, they are two completely different substances and work very differently. 

While anabolic steroids are well known to accelerate male pattern baldness, creatine has never been shown to cause baldness. 

Can creatine cause hair loss?

Creatine does not cause hair loss. Although athletes may use creatine to improve their performance, creatine is completely unrelated to anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are known to cause hair loss because they increase testosterone levels, which in turn inhibit hair follicles on your head. 

In a majority of studies, creatine has not been shown to increase testosterone levels. Out of 13 studies, only one small study found an increase in testosterone. It’s important to take this with a grain of salt as this study was done with rugby players. Intense exercise alone is also known to increase testosterone. 

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Does creatine cause hair loss in females?

Creatine does not cause hair loss in women or men. 

Creatine for hair loss

Does creatine help reverse or prevent hair loss?

Creatine does not impact hair in any way. Taking creatine supplement will not lead to hair loss, nor does it reverse or prevent it. Creatine is a building block for protein which your muscles use for energy. It has no effect on hair. 

Creatine and Propecia: Main similarities and differences

Creatine and Propecia (finasteride) are very different compounds used for very different purposes. Creatine is an amino acid supplement that helps build muscle and improve athletic performance. Propecia is a prescription medication that treats male pattern hair loss by counteracting the effect of testosterone. 

What it’s used forImproves strength and athletic performance
Increases muscle mass
Slows down or reverse male pattern hair loss
Prescription needed?NoYes
Effect on hairNo effectSlows down hair loss
Regrows healthy hair

Creatine side effects hair loss

Hair loss is not a side effect of creatine supplements. Creatine is generally considered safe to use. If you have a chronic condition or take other medications, check with your doctor before starting to make sure it is ok for you. When you first start taking creatine supplements, you may feel nauseated or have diarrhea. Taking the supplement with food helps. You will probably also notice some weight gain because creatine increases lean muscle mass. 

Key takeaways

Creatine does not cause hair loss

To summarize, creatine does not lead to hair loss or cause baldness. Creatine’s effect is on lean muscle in bulking up its mass and improving its performance. Creatine has no effect on hair. 

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