How to prevent Kyleena from falling out of place? 

While Kyleena stays in place most of the time, it may shift or fall out completely. The chances of this happening are higher during the menstrual cycle.

Expulsion is also more likely in women who:

  • Are younger than 20 years
  • Have painful or heavy periods
  • Got IUD inserted after an abortion
  • Have never been pregnant

To prevent this, check the string of Kyleena after every period to ensure that it is in place.

It is best to consult your doctor in the following cases:

  • The strings are longer or shorter than normal
  • You are unable to locate the strings
  • You can feel IUD

In any case, do not insert the IUD again on your own. Use a backup contraceptive method such as a condom.

How common is it for Kyleena to need an earlier replacement than recommended? 

The incidence of Kyleen needing an earlier replacement is extremely rare. Some reasons where it may need early removal or replacement are:

  • You want to get pregnant
  • You have side effects such as severe headaches, heavy bleeding, or pain
  • You have a sexually transmitted infection
  • You got pregnant with IUD in place
  • IUD moved or was broken

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