Your Privacy is our Priority

At Pocketpills, keeping your data safe and secure is our top priority. We practice cutting-edge security measures and implement best practices to ensure your utmost protection. We also continuously validate our security, privacy, and compliance controls. In fact, we proudly achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, demonstrating our commitment to achieving and maintaining the industry’s highest standards.

Here’s how Pocketpills employs rigorous security measures to protect your information:

  • Continuous Security Control Monitoring:

    We utilize an automation platform to continuously monitor over 100 security controls across Pocketpills. Automated alerts and evidence collection allow us to confidently demonstrate our unwavering security and compliance posture throughout the year. This approach fosters a security-first mindset and a culture of compliance across our entire organization.

  • Empowering Our Team:

    We believe that security is a company-wide effort. Every PocketPills employee undergoes an annual security training program, ensuring that best practices are followed when handling member data. By empowering our team, we strengthen the layers of protection around your information.

  • Penetration Tests:

    We collaborate with industry-leading security firms for annual network and application layer penetration tests. By subjecting our systems to rigorous assessments, we proactively identify vulnerabilities so we can swiftly address them.

  • Secure Software Development:

    We recognize that data security is an integral part of our software development lifecycle. We employ a range of manual and automatic security and vulnerability checks throughout the process, ensuring the highest level of protection for your valuable information.

  • Data Encryption:

    We employ robust encryption techniques to protect your data both in-transit and at rest. With state-of-the-art TLS encryption, your information remains secure during transmission and storage.

  • Vulnerability Disclosure Program:

    We value the collective effort in maintaining security. If you believe you've discovered a security bug in our system, we encourage you to reach out to our security team at security@pocketpills.com. We take all reports seriously and promptly investigate and resolve any identified issues.

Your privacy is our priority. You can trust that our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance. Rest easy, knowing that your data is in safe hands.