Kyleena advantages – Pros

  • It provides pregnancy protection for up to five years.
  • It is low-maintenance and hassle-free. You hardly have to do anything once it is inserted.
  • It is a reversible form of contraceptive. You can remove it within five years, and your fertility reverses immediately—you can conceive as soon as Kyleena is removed. Almost 7 out of 10 women who want to conceive will become pregnant within a year of removing Kyleena.
  • It is smaller and has a slimmer insertion tube than Mirena. This makes the insertion process less painful.
  • Kyleena is FDA-approved for women who never have had or have children.
  • It is an excellent option if you cannot use estrogen-based contraceptives.
  • It is also a good option if you only have only had cesarean deliveries.
  • Kyleena is better tolerated if you have a smaller uterus, such as in perimenopausal women and teenagers.
  • You or your partner would not feel Kyleena during sex.
  • It is safe while you are breastfeeding.
  • Kyleena is an eco-friendly contraceptive method.

Kyleena disadvantages – Cons

  • You may face bleeding, headache, and dizziness while inserting it.
  • You may also have backache or cramping for a few days after inserting Kyleena.
  • Does not protect you against sexually transmitted disease.

You may also be prone to the following side-effects. However, these effects resolve within a few months.

  • Almost 22% of Kyleena users are diagnosed with ovarian cysts
  • Infection or inflammation of the outer part of the vagina
  • Pelvic or stomach pain
  • Increased bleeding
  • Migraines
  • Uterine spasms or dysmenorrhea
  • Greasy skin and acne
  • Breast discomfort or pain
  • Bleeding or spotting between periods
  • Perforation or expulsion
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Severe infection or sepsis

If you’re thinking about getting an IUD and have not yet had children, Kyleena may be the IUD for you. Speak to your doctor or medical professional to see if Kyleena is the best IUD for your unique needs.

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