1. Kyleena can cause headaches, acne and unpleasant periods

The progestin that is released when Kyleena is in place can cause some undesirable side effects, including the following: headaches, skin issues (acne), unpleasant/painful periods

2. Kyleena does not protect against STDs

Those in a monogamous relationship can rely solely on Kyleena. While this IUD can protect against pregnancy, it cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases. If you have Kyleena but are not in a committed relationship, for your protection, you would be best to use a condom.

3. Kyleena insertion can be painful

The process of getting Kyleena inserted may be a painful and uncomfortable procedure for some people. This fear and apprehension may cause some individuals to avoid getting an IUD altogether. Read more on why IUD insertion can be painful in this article.

4. You may need a day off when having Kyleena inserted

If you do go ahead with the insertion, your medical professional may suggest that you take the rest of the day off from any planned activities (i.e. work) to relax. Missing an entire day of work for an IUD procedure may be a disadvantage for some.

5. Your uterus may be punctured during Kyleena insertion

In some rare instances, the uterus can get punctured when Kyleena is being inserted. If you are concerned about this, be sure to speak to the medical professional that will put your IUD in place.

6. Kyleena can come out by mistake

Additionally, expulsion of Kyleena (IUD comes out either partially or entirely on its own) has been reported in some rare instances. If this does happen, contact your medical professional to advise, as the IUD must be removed. 

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