Some of the primary benefits of Kyleena IUD include its high effectiveness, long duration and that Kyleena is a reversible contraceptive method with 98.6% effectiveness.

1. Kyleena is low maintenance

As is the case with many IUDs, aside from a follow-up visit to your healthcare provider 4-6 weeks after insertion to ensure everything is in place, Kyleena does not require any maintenance or upkeep. Two small strings attached to the device enable you to check its positioning and ensure it is in the correct place. Checking these strings every month after your menstrual period is recommended.  

2. Kyleena is recommended for women with or without children.

You can use Kyleena whether or not you have had children. This is contrary to the Mirena, which is recommended for women who have had at least one child. 

3. Kyleena is the smallest IUD

Kyleena is slightly smaller in size when compared to some of the other IUDs and so it is less painful to insert. is the smallest 5-year IUD available.

4. Kyleena is a reversible contraception method

Kyleena can be removed at any time during this time frame, and a woman’s fertility returns almost immediately.

5. Kyleena is long lasting for up to 5 years

Kyleena lasts a lot. Some of the main benefits include the longevity of the IUD, preventing pregnancy for up to 5 years, hassle free.

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6. Kyleena can stop periods

Kyleena can stop periods while in use. There is a 12% chance that after one year of being on Kyleena, the woman would be period free.

7. Kyleena may result in lighter and shorter periods

Kyleena can also cause periods to be lighter and shorter while in use. This is a common reason why women like to use this IUD.

8. Kyleena is an option if you cannot use estrogen methods

Kyleena is also an optimal option for those who cannot use estrogen-based birth control.

9. Kyleena is easy to use

No prep needed – Contraception options like the birth control pill, condoms or diaphragms, require an action to be taken for its benefits to be realized.

10. Kyleena is highly effective

Kyleena is highly effective with a 98.5% success rate.

How effective is Kyleena

Kyleena is a near fail-proof solution for those looking for an IUD. Its 98.5% success rate makes it an excellent choice for those who want a worry-free birth control option.

This means that out of 100 women using this IUD, only less than one will become pregnant with perfect and typical use. 

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