Research shows Jardiance may cause weight loss. This may cause you to think if it can help with belly fat and dewlap as well right? If so, keep reading to find out.

Does Jardiance cause weight gain?

Certain diabetic medications may cause weight gain in certain individuals. However, Jardiance does not cause weight gain. Instead, in certain individuals, it may cause weight loss. Not everyone on Jardiance may experience weight loss. Moreover, weight loss is governed by diet and exercise.

How long does it take to start losing weight on Jardiance?

A study conducted on Jardiance showed that people taking 10 mg of Jardiance lost an average weight of around 2.5% of their body weight. While people taking 25 mg Jardiance lost an average of 2.8% weight loss of the body weight. The treatment period of the people taking Jardiance was 24 weeks.

Can Jardiance reduce belly fat?

Jardiance helps control blood sugar levels and reduces body weight and body fat distribution. Jardiance significantly reduces abdominal fat (visceral adiposity tissue).

Can Jardiance reduce dewlap?

There is not enough evidence to suggest that Jardiance can reduce dewlap. However, research indicates that Jardiance drastically reduces abdominal fat, which decreases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular events.

Should you take Jardiance in the morning or at night to reduce belly fat?

Research conducted showed no significant difference when Jardiance was taken in the morning or night. However, according to the manufacturer, the pill needs to be taken in the morning. Your body absorbs the medicine rapidly, and it reaches its peak level after one and half hours after consumption. 

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Jardiance is prescribed once daily. The pill should be taken in the morning to obtain the best results. Always follow the instructions as provided by your health worker. 

What’s the best time to take Jardiance for weight loss and reduce belly fat?

Jardiance should usually be taken in the morning. It can be taken with or without food. You should try and take the medication at the same time every day.

What is the best diabetic medicine for weight loss?

Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) class of medicines belongs to the antidiabetic class of drugs. This class of medications reduces blood sugar levels and helps in weight reduction.

Weight loss varies depending on which GLP-1 medication you use and your dosage. However, you can expect to lose approximately 3 to 5.5 pounds of weight while using the GLP-1 class of medication.

Research indicates you can lose approximately 6 to 9 pounds if you are actively trying to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Some of the examples of medicines belonging to this class are:

Ozempic belonging to the Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) class of medication has demonstrated weight-loss benefits. It is the only medication that has received approval from Health Canada and FDA for weight loss treatment. 

How effective is Jardiance to reduce belly fat compared to other weight loss medications?

Research indicates that Jardiance does help in weight loss and reduction in abdominal fat; however, it varies from individual to individual. Moreover, the reduction of belly fat and weight loss is dependent on diet and exercise. 

Lastly, many studies conducted on Jardiance prove that it helps reduce belly fat, but it is not approved by Health Canada and US FDA for weight-loss treatment and reducing belly fat. 

Health Canada and the US FDA have approved Ozempic for weight loss. A study on people taking 2.4 mg of Ozempic weekly lost 15.3 kg at the end of treatment. The study also suggested that Ozempic did help in reducing body fat mass. However, no data is available regarding the reduction of belly fat. 

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What is Jardiance and what is it used for

Your doctor will usually prescribe Jardiance along with diet and exercise to lower your blood sugar levels. 

In a few cases, Jardiance may be prescribed with other antidiabetic medications. Jardiance is also prescribed in patients to decrease the risk of heart disease (cardiovascular disease) in people who have type 2 diabetes along with blood vessel disease.

Jardiance mainly works by acting on kidneys, and it lowers the blood sugar level by getting rid of more glucose from the body in the urine.

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