Taking care of your health is super important to you. You want to make sure your medications are real and legit. You also want to know that your prescriptions are prescribed and reviewed by real licensed healthcare professionals in Canada. We get it. 

In this article, we are giving you an inside look at how Pocketpills works. We’ll explain how Pocketpills is accredited in Canada just like a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. To give you extra peace of mind, PocketPills is also verified by LegitScript as a trustworthy online business. 

Who is Pocketpills?

Pocketpills is an online pharmacy for Canadians. Pocketpills has several pharmacy sites across the country in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia, as well as an affiliation with Pharmacie Steeve Benarroch in Quebec. It serves Canadians in all provinces and territories. All Pocketpills pharmacies are accredited in the same way as a physical pharmacy. This means Pocketpills has passed inspections and assessments where regulators make sure:

  • Laws governing medication are followed
  • Medications are sourced, stored, dispensed, and recorded properly
  • Records are kept secure and confidential 
  • Staff follow professional standards of practice

All pharmacy managers and pharmacists working at Pocketpills are licensed by Canadian regulators too, just like the pharmacists you see at a storefront pharmacy. 

Filling your prescription with Pocketpills makes the pharmacy experience painless for you. We mail medications directly to your door, at no extra charge. You can email, call or text with a pharmacist to learn about your medication at your convenience. We package medications in convenient PocketPacks so it is easy to remember when and how much to take. 

We are LegitScript Verified

Not only is Pocketpills an accredited Canadian pharmacy, we’ve taken the extra step to also be LegitScript verified. LegitScript is an independent assessment company that checks which online companies are trustworthy and legitimate. LegitScript is used by governments and large corporations like VISA. 

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Who are our medical professionals?

Pharmacists at Pocketpills are all Canadian licensed healthcare providers, just like a pharmacist you see behind the counter at a storefront pharmacy. As your prescription is filled, your Pocketpills pharmacist carefully reviews that the medication is the appropriate treatment and dose and does not interact with other drugs or supplements. Your pharmacist will discuss any concerns they might find with your doctor. You can also reach out to a Pocketpills pharmacist for a consultation on any prescription when it’s convenient for you, whether by phone, text or email.

Where is my prescription filled?

We have physical pharmacy locations across Canada. Although you may only see us on our web portal or app, we are busy behind the scenes working to fill your prescription in real brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

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