Taking multiple medications can be challenging. This is especially true for people with chronic illnesses or conditions who often take several medications to treat one or more ailments. With these medications being prescribed at different times and often by different doctors, the chances of forgetting to refill one or more of those prescriptions are high.


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Forty percent of Canadians are not taking their medications as prescribed, according to a new survey conducted by Insights West

Calling the pharmacy constantly to request a refill of a single drug is inconvenient, as is going to the pharmacy multiple times a month to pick up medicine. Attempting to keep track of when your medications are due for a refill coupled with actually picking them up will almost certainly result in unintentional lapses in medication adherence. But, there is a solution to this dilemma. The solution is something called medication synchronization.


What is Medication Synchronization?

Medication synchronization is when your pharmacy coordinates your prescriptions in a way that enables you to get all of your ongoing medication at that same time on a regular schedule. 


Why is Medication Synchronization Important?

Medication Synchronization increases adherence. Naturally, when you receive all of your medication at the same time, you are more likely to take them as directed. Additionally, when medication is received at the same time and in the same manner, the chances of taking the wrong medication or the wrong dose is significantly reduced.


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How Can PocketPills Help Me With Medication Synchronization?

Various doses, coupled with remembering when to take a specific medication, make it challenging to manage your drugs on your own.

PocketPills takes that guesswork out of your medication. Each dose of medication, including over the counter vitamins, is pre-sorted by date and time into convenient PocketPacks

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never miss a medication dose

Your PocketPills pharmacist will go over all of your medications with you upon signing up to ensure that you are taking the right medication at the right time. 

Synchronized Refills: Your medications will automatically be delivered to you for free every month, before you run out of your previous month’s supply. A reminder PocketPack, advising you to contact PocketPills if there are any changes to your prescriptions, is placed towards the end of your monthly medication supply.

We can incorporate the changes in your prescription and can also coordinate renewals with your doctor so you get the right medications delivered to you on time, ensuring that you will always have all of your pills when you need them. 


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How Do I Start? 

You can get started by going to the PocketPills signup page and creating an account. After providing all of the requested information (health card, private insurance information, pharmacy contact information, etc.), PocketPills will contact your pharmacy to get your prescriptions transferred over. 

Once your prescriptions are transferred over, the pharmacist will get in contact with you to coordinate the start of your first PocketPacks shipment. You can then use the PocketPills app to monitor your prescriptions and shipments. 

Attempting to keep track of your medication can be daunting. But managing your medication shouldn’t be difficult. Signing up with PocketPills means no more weekly pill organizers, no more trips to the pharmacy, and no more chasing refills for your prescriptions.


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