With many advances in technology, coupled with our desire for all things accessible, buying prescription medication online is a logical and desirable convenience for many people. However, there are several websites that claim to be real pharmacies, but instead, sell fake, mislabelled, and often dangerous medicine. It is becoming easier for Canadians to get medicines online. One search, and you will get hundreds of websites selling medications. While it may seem convenient, you are at risk of getting it from an illegitimate source. 

Figuring out which pharmacies are authentic and which ones are unsafe doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking into switching to an online pharmacy like PocketPills, but also wondering how you can confirm its legitimacy before proceeding, there are steps you can take.

Canadian pharmacies, both online and offline, are under the jurisdiction of NAPRA’s members, the provincial and territorial pharmacy regulatory authorities.

Here are two ways to verify:

  • Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authority
  • The Pharmacy Verified Websites Program 

Check the Pharmacy’s Website

When checking the validity of an online pharmacy, an excellent starting point is to check the site itself. Illegitimate pharmacy websites often have spelling/grammar errors and an overall unprofessional look. You may also experience difficulties locating an address for the pharmacy, or a phone number that you can call and speak to someone. If there is an address on the website, be sure to verify the whereabouts of that address by doing the necessary web searches. 

PocketPills can be contacted through the app/website, by phone/text at 1-855-950-7225, or an email to care@pocketpills.com. We have offices in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba, serving throughout Canada. The accreditation number and addresses of each pharmacy can be found on the Pocketpills website

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Check for Licensing and Memberships

Pharmacies operating in Canada must be licensed and accredited by the appropriate regulatory body. Trustworthy online pharmacies will often have their licensing and membership information displayed on their websites.  

legit online pharmacy

PocketPills is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, and the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This licensing information can be found in the footer of every page of the PocketPills site and can be confirmed on the websites of each of these regulatory bodies.

Verify on the Safe (dot) Pharmacy Website

The safe.pharmacy website is an excellent resource for anyone looking to verify the legitimacy of a pharmacy website. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is a nonprofit organization that works with the state boards of pharmacy. 

legit online pharmacy

Their goal is to protect public health while ensuring that families receive the best pharmacy care possible. The safe.pharmacy website has a search tool where you can type in the web address of any online pharmacy to see if it is among their list of verified sites. PocketPills is a recognized and validated online pharmacy on the Safe Pharmacy site.

Check out PocketPills’ online pharmacy services

Check Prescription Requirement

Another red flag when reviewing the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is a pharmacy that offers to sell you prescription medication without a valid prescription from a medical professional. Doctors and other medical professionals consider many factors when prescribing medication. These factors may include age, weight, known allergies/contraindications, other medicine the patient is taking, etc. Online pharmacies that dispense medication without taking any of these factors in consideration should be avoided.

Additionally, many of these fraudulent sites give the impression that they are “doing you a favour” by not requiring a prescription. Some people may feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak to their doctors about sensitive topics, like sexual health, hair loss, weight loss, etc. Getting medication to treat any of these issues without a prescription will avoid the need to discuss it with your doctor.

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It is important to remember that doctors are medical professionals who are there to assist you with your health and talk to you about your concerns. You should never feel ashamed or shy about speaking to your doctor. In addition to this, the medication that these fraudulent pharmacies provide may be counterfeit, have varying levels of active ingredients, dangerous additives, etc. In the end, going this route will likely cause more harm than good.

For these reasons, it is strongly advisable to avoid any pharmacy that offers prescription medication when a prescription isn’t presented. All prescription medications dispensed at PocketPills are sourced from the same Canadian wholesalers that service other pharmacies across the country. All of our prescription medications require a valid script from a Canadian prescriber.

Getting your medication from a trusted online pharmacy like PocketPills is a safe, convenient, and simple process. If you still have questions about PocketPills after reading this article, please feel free to contact us, and we would be more than happy to assist.

Trusted online pharmacy reviews 

Another way to check the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is to look at the posted reviews online. PocketPills reviews can be found on Google, Google Play, Apple Store and Facebook. This is a great way of checking to see what others have said about the services and overall customer service.

Certified Online Pharmacy

You can check the company’s website for certification. Canadian pharmacies, both online and offline, are under the jurisdiction of NAPRA’s members, the provincial and territorial pharmacy regulatory authorities. Many pharmacies are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

Get the complete list of Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities here.

Legal Online Pharmacy

The online pharmacy is legal if it has the following:

  • Requires a prescription from a health care practitioner or doctor licensed to practice in Canada.
  • Has A Canadian-licensed pharmacist
  • Is licensed by a territorial or provincial pharmacy regulatory authority in Canada
  • Provides a street address located in Canada
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Is pocketpills legit?

PocketPills is fully accredited and licensed by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Additionally, you may verify the address posted on the website, and if the address does not appear on the website, that is a definite red flag. Additionally, you can verify a pharmacy here at safe.pharmacy  

Another way to verify an online pharmacy is to look up the Canadian business address on the online pharmacy’s website, and there may be additional information provided, such as the license number and the college name that provides it, contact information as well as the address. Additionally, you may visit www.napra.ca , which is the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities and learn where the online pharmacy has been established and to confirm the pharmacy has a legitimate license to operate.

Reputable online pharmacies:

As a reputable online pharmacy, we strive to offer the highest level of services to our members.  Here at PocketPills, we provide fast and reliable services with an aim to simplify your medications for you, so that you have more time to enjoy doing the things that you love.

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