Being separated from your friends and extended family can be difficult, especially when they’re only a short walk or drive away. But this is a sacrifice we all us must make to help stop the spread of COVID-19.While we continue to practice “Social Distancing,” there are six apps that we recommend downloading. These apps will help keep you happy, entertained, and healthy (both physically and financially) while being stuck at home.

1. PocketPills

If you haven’t signed up with PocketPills yet, this is the perfect time to do so! The number of community transmitted cases of COVID-19 has surpassed the number of travel-related transmission cases. Having your medication delivered directly to your home eliminates the need to travel to the pharmacy unnecessarily to pick up your prescriptions.  

PocketPills delivers your medication to you every month in PocketPacks. PocketPacks are individual packages that your medications are sorted in to according to the time of day that they need to be taken. Having your medicine presorted for you ensures that you are always taking the right pills at the right time.


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It also saves you the time of having to presort your medicine yourself. Your medicine can be dispensed in traditional medication vials if you receive a new prescription mid-month, or if you prefer to sort your medication on your own. Do you take vitamins? No problem-PocketPills can put your daily vitamins into your PocketPacks as well.

Connecting with a pharmacist at PocketPills couldn’t be easier. If you have questions related to your medication or your care, a pharmacist can be reached via chat through the PocketPills app, via text, or via email. 

The fewer places you travel outside of the home, the lower your chance is of being exposed to COVID-19. Minimize your exposure and maximize your convenience by switching to PocketPills.


2. Nike Training Club

Gyms, both paid public ones like Goodlife and private ones within apartments and condos have been closed until further notice to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Having no gym to work out in can certainly put a damper on your health and fitness goals. But a closed gym doesn’t have to mean the end of your workout plans. You can get (and stay) fit right in the comfort of your own home.

The Nike Training Club app provides over 180 free workouts, including yoga, bodyweight-only sessions, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and more. This fitness app offers a very generous amount of free content that will keep you sweating for weeks to come. The “Big Workouts for Small Spaces” program is especially useful.

This program is not only designed to offer challenging workouts that can be done in small spaces, but also exercises that can be done quietly so as not to disturb others you share a home with.


3. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Workers across several different industries have found themselves without employment due to the spread of COVID-19. Many businesses have had no choice but to shutter their doors. Both employers and employees have had to scramble to get their finances in order. During this time of uncertainty and confusion, having a financial plan is a must.

YNAB is an award-winning app that teaches you how to budget, prioritize what’s important, and take control of your finances. In a time where many people don’t know when their next paycheque is coming in, having a strategy is crucial.

YNAB allows you to share a budget with your partner, set goals and even view reports. This budgeting app has a 34-day free trial, so you’ll have the opportunity to check things and see if this is the app for you.


4. Houseparty

Being apart from your family and friends is one of the most challenging aspects of social distancing. It is hard to fathom how painful that separation is until you find yourself keeping your distance out of necessity. Thankfully, keeping your distance in real life doesn’t mean you cannot connect with others virtually. 

The Houseparty app was originally released in 2016 but has taken the world by storm in the last several weeks. Whether it’s a video chat or a virtual dance party, Houseparty enables you to connect with up to eight people at a time.

In addition to video chats, Houseparty lets you challenge your family and friends to games while chatting, including trivia, Heads Up, and quick draw, a game similar to Pictionary.

Having conversations on the phone with your family and friends is great. However, interacting with others via video adds a layer of closeness that we all need to try and maintain during these uncertain times.


5. Bring!

We all must do our part to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of COVID-19. To achieve this, the government has advised that we stay home and only go out to pick up essentials. One of these qualifying essentials is grocery shopping.

While grocery shopping is a necessity, we can still do our part by being proactive and going to the grocery store armed with a list of the items needed. Being prepared means fewer and shorter trips to the grocery store. The Bring! app helps keep you and your family’s grocery list organized.

Adding the groceries you need to the Bring! app is easy. When you type in the name of an item you wish to buy, a graphic representing that item will appear. A single tap on the graphic adds it to your list.

Items can also be added to the list via voice command. Once you are in the grocery store, you can tap on each graphic to remove it from the list after you have added the item to your cart. 

Bring! also allows you to add other people to the grocery list. Having a shared list is excellent for families and roommates. In this time of social distancing, one household member can head to the supermarket store to pick up groceries while other household members stay home. The app also includes a recipe section that will automatically add the ingredients needed for the recipe to your shopping list. 


6. Netflix (or any streaming service)

Now that we have been tasked with not leaving out homes unless absolutely necessary, having a streaming service while is crucial. There are various streaming services available in Canada, including Crave TV, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc. Netflix is an excellent option for many reasons.

Up to five profiles per Netflix account can be established to provide household members with their own personalized experience. The more movies and shows you watch on Netflix, the better it can provide you with program suggestions that it predicts you will enjoy.

If there are children in the household, Netflix’s dedicated “Kids” profile houses age-appropriate programming that will provide hours of entertainment that is suitable for younger family members. With new content being added regularly throughout the month, you will always have something new and fresh to keep you occupied.  

Social distancing and staying indoors isn’t easy, especially now that the weather is slowly getting milder and the urge to be outdoors rises. But for us to get past the COVID-19 pandemic, we all must do our part.

All of the apps mentioned serve different purposes, which will help keep you feeling whole during this time of uncertainty.


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