With brick-and-mortar pharmacies being the norm over the years, it is understandable that some people may have questions about switching to an online pharmacy. However, there are many benefits to an online pharmacy like PocketPills. This article outlines five reasons why switching to PocketPills will make your medication experience an easier one.


1. Save Money

We understand that our customers want excellent service at an affordable price. At PocketPills, we automate some of the tasks that are typically completed manually in traditional pharmacies. 

By automating these tasks, we are able to minimize labour costs significantly, which in turn leads to savings for our customers. This includes offering free shipping on all orders.

You can also search medication prices before you fill a prescription.


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Free Delivery, Low Dispensing Fee

Brick and mortar pharmacies often add a price markup to the medication they dispense. This markup helps cover some of the expenses associated with maintaining a building, including repair costs, hydro fees, housekeeping fees, rental costs, etc. Since PocketPills is a centralized, online pharmacy, there are no high markups on the medication we offer.  


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2. PocketPacks

To simplify medication management, PocketPills sorts the medication by time and date into “PocketPacks.” PocketPacks are small, easy-to-open packages with the medicine organized according to when it needs to be taken.

get Pocketpacks-never miss your medsPocketPacks are an excellent choice, especially for those who take multiple medications a day. Receiving your medication in packs that are already sorted will keep users from accidentally taking the wrong medication/dose at the wrong time.  Additionally, since your medication will arrive sorted and ready to go, you won’t have to worry about sorting your meds into pill organizers. Depending on the number of prescriptions that you take, this can equate to a time savings of 3-5 hours a month.



Those who take multiple medications to treat various illnesses tend to have two or more prescribing doctors. Keeping track of prescriptions from numerous sources and remembering to fill them on time can be a difficult task. This is why PocketPills uses medication synchronization to help you manage your medication. 

Medication synchronization is a method used by some pharmacies to coordinate your prescriptions in a way that enables you to get all of your ongoing medication at that same time on a regular schedule. PocketPills will send your PocketPacks to you every month, and you’ll never have to worry about going to the pharmacy multiple times to pick up your prescriptions.


3. Quick Access to a Pharmacist

PocketPills makes it easy to get in contact with one of our pharmacists. If you have any questions or concerns about your prescriptions, there are a number of contact options available.

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Our pharmacists can be reached through the PocketPills app or website, by text, by email, and by phone – 1-855-950-7225. You can quickly and easily contact a pharmacist from the comfort of your own home or while on the go. 


4. We Keep You Informed

Making sure that you are informed about your medication is of the utmost importance to us. When your monthly PocketPack shipment is prepared, we will send you a text message notifying you. You will receive another text message once your PocketPacks are shipped, and a final text message once delivery of your medication has been confirmed.

When you get close to the end of your PocketPacks, you will find an empty PocketPack with a reminder written on it. The purpose of the reminder pack is to prompt you to contact us, if necessary, and advise us of any changes to your prescriptions. 


5. Care for your Entire Family

If you have family members that take medication, PocketPills can help. The PocketPills app allows you to add more than one person to the same profile. As the primary contact, you will have oversight over your family member’s medication, and you will be able to make the same changes and updates to your family member’s medication as you would for yourself. This feature is beneficial for caregivers, too.  


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Opting for an online pharmacy like PocketPills is not only convenient, but it will save you time and money too. If you are ready to sign up and make taking your medication easy.


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