Become a caregiver of your family.


Your family's health is in good hands—your own

The Caregiver feature makes it easy for you to manage medications for the whole family: your partner, your parents, your kids, even Uncle Steve.

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Full family support

Fill prescriptions and order medications for all your loved ones from one convenient account.

All your prescriptions in one place

Get quick access to your family members' drug history whenever you need it.

Presorted PocketPacks

Everyone's medications will arrive at your door, clearly labeled and organized by dose.

Personalized PocketPacks

We've got medication sorted

PocketPacks relieve the stress of sorting medications. No more pill dispensers, blister packs, or calendars. All your family's medications arrive presorted by dose, date, and time of day.

Packaged for easy dispensing

Personalized and clearly labeled

Pocket-sized for travel convenience

Automatic refills provided by PocketPills.

We'll keep you on track

You worry about birthdays and anniversaries, we'll remember their refills and renewals. We make sure your family's medications arrive before their supply runs out.

Reminders for prescription renewals

Automatic refills delivered every month

Text notifications with delivery dates

Customer Support is available

Your peace of mind is our priority

Our pharmacists are standing by to answer questions and address concerns about your family's medications. You can get in touch at any time by phone, text, email, or online chat.

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  • Do I need a valid prescription (Rx) to order prescription medication?

    Yes, you need a valid prescription from a Canadian prescriber to buy medication requiring prescriptions. Prescription medication is also known as Rx medication. You will sometimes see this legend, “Rx”, on your prescription. If you need a new prescription, let us know via phone or live chat, and we can help connect you with a doctor who can help you.

  • How can I refill my medication?

    We coordinate with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you never run out of the medication you need. We’ll remind you to schedule a delivery when a refill is ready, and you can opt into automatic refills online, in the app or by calling us at 1-855-950-7225.

  • Is Pocketpills free? How much does it cost?

    Yes, the services we provide at Pocketpills are free! Your copayment stays the same, and there are no hidden delivery or service fees. We’ll transfer your prescriptions from your old pharmacy, investigate savings and hand-deliver your prescriptions at no extra cost.