It's a doctor's office in your pocket

Through our telehealth network you can connect with a doctor over the phone and get a prescription on your time and your turf. No clinics, no waiting rooms, no paid parking. This is healthcare redesigned around you.

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Virtual Care

Consult a Canadian doctor from the comfort of home.


Private and Confidential

Everything you say stays between you and your doctor, no exceptions.


Automatic Booking

We'll schedule an appointment on your behalf at the earliest available date.

Talk to a doctor without leaving home

Whether you're looking to renew a prescription or get a new one, our network of hand-picked, provincially licensed physicians are here to help. Let us know when you're ready to talk to one of our doctors and we'll book your telehealth appointment as soon as possible.

It's fully covered by your provincial health plan*, all you need is a valid health card.

*Currently available in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario

Prescription renewals are a piece of cake

You don't have to lift a finger. The Pocketpills care team will communicate directly with your doctor to coordinate your prescription renewals.

When your medications are running low, you will receive:


A renewal reminder

We will let you know when your medication requires renewal and book you a telehealth appointment with a doctor.


A follow-up message

We will send a text or email with all your appointment details,including the doctor's name, proposed date and time frame.


A telehealth phone call

Your doctor will call you for a quick consultation to review your medication and renew your prescription.

How to Get a Telehealth Appointment


Sign up to Pocketpills

It only takes a few seconds to create your profile.


Book online

Use the Pocketpills app to select your appointment type and schedule a telehealth phone call.


Talk to a doctor

You will receive a call within your scheduled window to discuss your concerns and ask any questions.


Get a prescription

If you need medication, the doctor can write you a prescription right then and there.

"Reinvent the pharmacy experience"

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Still have questions?

That's okay, we still have answers

  • How much does it cost to see a doctor?

    FREE. The cost of your telehealth appointment will be billed directly to the government if you have a valid provincial health card and reside in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia.

  • Is this safe to get prescriptions?

    Yes, your appointment is with a licensed Canadian doctor. Similar to going into a clinic, the doctor is responsible for reviewing your case, medical history, and determining the appropriate treatment. If the doctor is not able to help, they will advise you of the appropriate next steps to take.

  • When is my prescription shipped?

    The next day. Our pharmacy will start preparing your order straight away, you will receive a text message confirming the start of your order.

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